Dreamsketcher is a collaborative project that includes me and anyone willing to describe their latest or craziest dream.

I will read through submissions and randomly choose one dream and either sketch it, create a comic strip, paint it, or choose any form of art I feel will be best to depict what you describe. Please use as much detail as possible. If your dream is selected an email will be sent to you. 

Note: I am not currently working on Dreamsketcher but still taking submissions for the future. 

Submit your dream here

DREAM FOUR  |  Submitted by Kim Darling

June 30, 2018

“I was on vacation on the balcony looking down, the road was overflowed, and we were watching fish and a killer whale jump up.”

Finished  |  Photo manipulation

Photos used

Photo credits:  pexels.com, commons.wikimedia.org and resort photo taken from breakers.com

DREAM THREE  |  Submitted by Bonnie Rose

May 31, 2018

“Being devoured by a dark slimy goo…also, it’s like I am walking and it’s quicksand-ish.”


Finished  |  Animation


In progress

Sound credits:  soundbible.com, freesound.org and soundeffectsplus.com



DREAM TWO  |  Submitted by Brita Lucy

June 30, 2014

“I was standing on top of a few tall boxes trying to look over the top of a tall picket fence. I had light brown hair that went down past shoulders and I was wearing a white dress. It was night time in the dream, so my dress looked like it was glowing. I was in the backyard of a house, which was the same color of my dress. I was looking at the full moon over top of many dark buildings and other houses. I also remember that the moon almost looked like it was staring back down at me.”


Finished  |  Acrylic painting

In progress


May 31, 2014

“I had a dream that this guy was feeding hot chicken wings to animals through one of the typical wood post and wire farm fences. A baby giraffe thought I was his dad and kept hugging me. After that, the guy with the hot chicken wings was driving in a golf cart and a buffalo were chasing him for the hot chicken wings but it wasn’t just one buffalo, four other buffalo were on his back like they were hitching a ride.”


Finished  |  Photo manipulation, digital drawing

Close up

Created in loving memory of Helena Rubin.